Personal training

Why should I hire you as a personal (fitness)trainer?

Hiring a personal trainer should not be the same as hiring a drill sergeant. To contrary believes personal trainers do not constantly scream in your face to get your reps done (unless you ask us to).

As a certified personal trainer, I will demonstrate and teach you how to lift properly and with the correct form. Ever been unsure how to perform a certain exercise or how a machine works at the gym? I will instruct you on how to safely use the exercise equipment.

Motivation plays a big role to show up every day in the gym. That’s why a personal trainer should be a role model that will keep you motivated and encourages you to give it your best during the workout.

Motivation in combination with consistency will bring you one step closer to your fitness goals and aspirations. However, being consistent in today’s busy lifestyle might be hard. Finding the time or to make showing up in the gym a priority is where many will find an excuse not to go.

I will schedule an appointment with you and help you plan around your busy schedule. I will help you eliminate any excuse for not exercising!

Everyone is different. So what works for one person may not work for another one in terms of designing an exercise program. Based on your fitness evaluation and personal goals I will develop the most effective program for you. Everyone, from beginners to more advanced individuals, benefit from instructions on how to perform specific exercises and plan their training, rest and eating habits.