Online coaching

Unlike other online programs, you’ll receive a training program which is completely customized to YOU.

The plans are designed to suit your current levels of fitness, training experience, your individual goals and I’ll even build it to fit with your work/life schedule.

The instructions are clear – I’ll advise you how many reps & sets to do, how heavy to lift and how much recovery to take. You’ll also get access to a video library with the demonstration of every single exercise to make things as simple as possible.

Everyone is different. So what works for one person may not work for another one in terms of designing an exercise program. Based on your fitness evaluation and personal goals I will develop the most effective program for you. Everyone, from beginners to more advanced individuals, benefits from instructions on how to perform specific exercises and plan their training, rest and eating habits. You’ll stay motivated and engaged as you build your dream body and enjoy amazing results!