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Hi, my name is Thibault Awouters.


For as long as I can remember I’ve been into sport. I loved the feeling of being in the gym, rebuilding my body, and I quickly got addicted to the process of building muscle and getting stronger.


Over time I developed a taste for calisthenics. Now I combine functional based exercises in combination with calisthenics and use my knowledge to help others achieve their training goals.


Seeing someone lose weight, build muscle, get stronger or just grow as an individual is an amazing feeling!

So, what are you waiting for?!



Thibault is a Certified

EQF level 4 Personal Trainer

& Crossfit LeVeL 1 coach

Personal Training

You’ll receive a training program which is completely customised to YOU.

Designed to suit your current levels of fitness, individual goals and work/life schedule. I’ll advise you how many reps & sets to do, how heavy to lift and how much recovery to take.

Finally, your plan updates regularly. This stops you from getting bored whilst ensuring that you keep making progress. You’ll stay motivated and engaged as you build your dream body and enjoy amazing results!

Training packages

Training programs
Online coaching
Personal training (stockholm)

What People Say About Me

Thanks to Thibault’s coaching I am now much more confident.  

I feel better and I keep improving every day. I´m working on my muscle-ups and am excited to continue the coaching by Thibault.

Sean Stuart


Thibault Awouters

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